When you deliver products by name and address, you are covered by the law of post secret.

When a company is authorized to conduct postal business, it is the employers duty to inform all employees about the rules for delivery, and therefore obliged to inform about the postal secrecy. 

The provision of postal secrecy, is shown in the Postal Code § 11, paragraph 1 and basicly means: 

1. You may not tell others what products you deliver to whom, and you will in all future, obtain secrecy about these matters even when your employment ceases.

2. You may not leave your products unattended more than most necessary. 

3. It is your responsibility, and your responsibility only, to ensure that products unable to be delivered, is safely returned to the distributor. 

4. It is an offense and may be punished by fine or prison if points 1 to 3 are not respected. 

You can read the full legal text here:  

Postal Code § 11 paragraph 1, provides the following concerning post secret:

’’He who works in Postal Services may not give any extraneous information about others' use of the postal service or opportunity themselves to obtain such information. This obligation continues after the person's work in the postal operator has ceased. " 

Violation of the provision of postal secrecy is punishable under the Penal Code § 152 and 152 d - f by fine or imprisonment up to 6 months. If there are aggravating circumstances (intent to gain economic advantage), the penalty may be increased to imprisonment of up to 2 years." 



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