In case of illness, always call your local department within the given time. You may not contact other departments.

Illness: In case of acute illness this should be reported immediately, and no later than when you where supposed to start working.

Illness can be reported on weekdays at. 05.00-16.00 on tel. 80609090, and from kl. 23.30-04.00 at tel. 65455812.

On weekends and public holidays at. 04.00-10.30 on tel. 80609090 and from kl. 23.30-04.00 at tel. 65455812.

Holiday: Your holiday and days of should be entered on budnet. Log in and go to Vacation. Here you can se how and when you need to report your vacation. 


Contact Fyens Distribution

Fyens Distribution A/S
Blangstedgårdsvej 2
5220 Odense SØ

Phone.: + 45 65 45 56 45
Free carrier phone: 80 60 90 90


The office is open all days:
Monday-Friday kl 05.00-15.00
Saturday-Sunday kl. 04.00-10.00



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