Do you want to work as a newspaper deliver? You can read more about the job below or go to Available routes and put in an application. 

It differs what you will earn delivering newspapers. It depends on how many days a week you work and how many products you deliver. 

To ensure that you get the right salary according to the Collective Agreement, we calculate the salary based on number of products, number of addresses and length of the route. 

Minimum wage according to the collective agreement from March 2019:      
18 years:       108,25 kr.
17 years:       81,19 kr.
16 years:       70,36 kr.
13- 15 years: 54,13 kr. 

Depending on where you work you will get the products delivered straight to your home or pick them up from a local depot

When you work for us you will get bike bags or a trailer for the papers.


Daily papers: 
The deadline for delivering the daily papers is 5:00.pm Monday-Friday and before 8:00 am on Saturdays - Sundays. Budnet do not deliver papers on Saturdays in Vejle, Fredericia, Horsens and Viborg. You have to be 13 years old. 

Weekly papers:
You need to deliver the weekly papers 9:00 pm on the release day. You have to be 13 years old. 


Fyn/ Fyns distribution

Daily papers/Morning delivery:
To deliver the morning papers on Fyn you need to be 18 years old.
You can choose to deliver papers Monday-Friday or Saturday-Sunday. The hours for delivery is: 

Weekdays: 02:00-07:00 
Weekend: 02:00-08:00

Rest of Fyn
Weekdays: 03:00-07:00 (10 out of the cities) 
Weekend: 03:00-08:00




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