We need you to text us when you start and when you are done delivering newspapers. 

You have to do this: 
When you start: Text start to 1245 (it is important that you make space between mm and start)

When you're done: Text mm slut to 1245 (remember the space between mm and slut).

* You only need to do this once a day regardless of number of routes.
* If you don't text us, we will call you up and ask you why. 
* It is also an option to text start/slut on  


We send you your complaints by SMS. We will send the SMS for the daily papers the day following the delivery. We will send the SMS for the weekly papers Thursday and Friday afternoon. 

The complaint might look like this: complaint
Here you can see the date of the complaint, route number, product, address, reason for complaint.


If you send an SMS to 1245 with the text MM fri or MM ferie, you will get an overview of the vacation/holidays we have on file for you. It costs regular SMS charges. 

It may look like this: holiday


Do you work for us?



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