To ensure that you get the salary you need in relation to the collective agreement we calculate the salary based on the number of products, number of addresses and the length of the route.


Minimum wage according to the collective agreement from March 2019:      
18 years:       108,25 kr.
17 years:       81,19 kr.
16 years:       70,36 kr.
13- 15 years: 54,13 kr. 


Collective agreement between Danske Mediers Arbejdsgiverforening og Fagligt Fælles Forbund 2017-2020

A hardship allowance of DKK 22.47 per hour (DKK 22.83 effective from 1 March 2019) shall be guaranteed for work which the employer requires to start between the hours of 23.00 and 06.00.
For subscription delivery of morning newspapers which continues beyond 06.00, however, hardship allowance shall be paid until the end of the night delivery.


The period in witch you get paid runs from the 16 one month to the in the next month.You get paid the last day in a month.

We need your account number to pay your salary. Remember to let us know if you are changing bank or account number.

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You have a right to holiday pay according to the Danish law. You can see how much you have earned on your pay slip. The holiday pay you have earned between January and December are currently transmitted to your holiday account. 

If you when the holiday year starting on 1 May, has earned a maximum of 1,500 kr. in holiday pay, the money goes automatically into your account. If you earned more than 1500 kr. you must contact FerieKonto via




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