Common mail:

In case of illness, always call your local department within the given time. You may not contact other departments.

If you are ill: Call us between 8-9 am on weekdays. You cannot sms, mail og talk to the answering mashine to call in sick.

Holiday: Your holiday and days of should be entered on budnet. Log in and go to the form called vacation. Here you can se how and when you need to report your vacation. 

Resignation: You must always send your resignation by mail. 


Brian Rasmussen
Budleder Viborg
Tlf. 87 54 27 11        
Morten Nielsen 
Budleder Viborg
Tlf. 87 54 27 11   

Vesterbrogade 8, 8800 Viborg

Tel. 87 54 27 11

Monday-Friday: 8.00-17.00

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