It is important for us that you are comfortable and satisfied with your work. Therefore, we would like your help in a workplace assessment (APV). We hope you will spend a few minutes to answer these questions.

Please complete the survey no later than 3/3 2020

You can choose to do the survey anonymously, but if you want us to help you with a specific problem, please write your name and employee number at the end of the survey.

All information will of course be treated confidentially.

Click on the link below to start the survey.





Unfortunately, the salery for December 2019 has been transferred twice due to communication error between  Nykredit og Nets.

it is not possible to automatically refund the salery so we need you to return one of the payments to us.

Please transferre the amount to account 5471-1722184.

Please write your carriernumber on the transfer. 

We and the bank are sorry for the trouble.




In 2020, Bladkompagniet will expand its collaboration with YOUSEE. This means that you get more of these products in the bag and of course have to deliver them correctly. 

You can read more about the collaboration here: BK and YOUSEE.




Dear Daily Newspapers deliverers

Dimaps mobile is an app that will help your daily delivery. 

The app replaces your daily lists, and you shall use it actively by swiping the subscriber after delivery. The app will be implemented on a ongoing basis and you will be notified by your lokal distribution about when and how to use it.

Instruction manual: Dimaps Mobile

The device may not be used for private use. Private use will be withdrawn from your salary. 



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