In line with the threat of Corona virus, several things have been implemented. The goal is to reduce the risk of getting infected or infect others. We expect everyone will respect the guidelines as it is ultimately about everyone's health.

1. If you deliver newspapers / products to nursing homes, DO NOT GO IN THERE. The newspaper must be delivered in a plastic bag at the entrance.

2. Don't show up before time at the depots. When you arrive, pick up your newspapers as soon as possible and leave the place. This means no one may gather before, during or after.

3. Sanitize your hands with alcohol-based hand rub on the way in and out of the depot.

4.Keep a distance to each other and other people before, during and after the distribution.

5. Wear gloves during work in the depot.

6. Wear gloves during distribution. Many products, many door handles and many mailboxes have to be touched on the way.

7. If you need to contact us do not come into the office but call us.

8. Follow the given guidelines of coughing / sneezing in the sleeve and washing / sanitize your hands frequently.




The survey is now completed. The action plans will be published here. 














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