Tell us about your holiday wishes in the calender below. You do this by selecting the start and end dates for your desired vacation/holiday. 

When to tell us

1 day of: At least 8 days before.

Holidays in connection with school holidays (except the summer holidays): At least 28 days before.

Summer vacation: No later than the 1th. of May. A maximum of 3 weeks.

Be aware 

  • If you do not meet these deadlines, the system will redirect you to a form. This form will be processed in your local distribution, and your vacation is not approved before you receive confirmation from your office.
  • You can only register a holiday on your regular routes.
  • You can only choose to select all your routes if you have more than one.
  • The delivery date may be different than usual for example during Easter.
  • If you send an SMS to 1245 with the text MM fri or MM ferie, you will get an overview of the vacation/holidays we have on file for you.


 Holiday Booking is possible
 Holiday Booking during this period must be at least 28 days before the holiday except summer vacation.    
 It is not possible to book 
 Valgt ferieperiode

Summer vacation: No later than the 1th. of May  2022

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